Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fabulous Friday Finds - A Day Late

I completely missed yesterday's post! What was supposed to be an afternoon outing, though, wound up taking longer. Oh well. I still have a few fabulous finds to share with you. This week's finds are all things I found while browsing on Etsy. It's way too easy to find fabulous things on there - I could browse all day!

The first fabulous Friday find is something I've never seen before - a lampwork toggle clasp. This beautiful clasp was made by Lorna, of pixiewillow. Wouldn't this look lovely as the focal in a necklace? Who says a clasp has to be at the back?!

The second find is these absolutely adorable little stoneware houses by Szilvia, whose Etsy shop name is elukka. Wouldn't these tiny houses look cute sitting on a shelf or windowsill?

That's just one example of her little houses (that set is called "My Town"). She has tiny landscapes with trees... and tiny houses used as earrings and pendants... and they're all adorable. Oh, and she has dogs! Wonderfully whimsical dogs like none I've ever seen before. Such cute stuff!!!

The last fabulous find is by one of my Facebook friends, Michou Pascale Anderson. I can't tell you how much time I spend ogling her incredible lampwork beads! Just one look at the picture below, a set called Love and Art, and you'll understand why.

Michou's designs are filled with such movement and color that each one is a piece of art in itself. Michou's Etsy shop is called michoudesign -- Any time you need to have your day brightened, just take a look in there.

Somehow, without really intending to do it, I've managed to post Fabulous Friday Finds that are all by European artists! Lorna (pixiewillow) is in the UK, Szilvia (elukka) is in Finland, and Michou (michoudesigns) is in Germany.

Don't you love that the internet can bring us all these wonderful things from other countries?


Rosanne said...

Such great finds to send me looking at! I love the little houses.

BeadsForever said...

Beautiful finds! I love Michoudesigns glass beads!

storybeader said...

great looking toggle! And the houses are so adorable! You could have a whole street on your shelf! {:-D

elukka said...

One might say that you love bold coloures :)

:-) MaryLou said...

Glad you all like my finds. :-)

And yes, elukka, I do love bold colors! They're such fun!!