Friday, April 16, 2010

Fabulous Friday Finds for April 16

Did you finish? Your taxes, I mean. All done? Mailed by midnight last night? Hooray! Now you can sit back and relax and look through this week's Fabulous Friday Finds. :-)

Since you've finished your taxes and (probably) feel like dancing, Fabulous Friday Find #1 is one of Keri Colestock's Wall Dancers. I love these figures!!!

One of my friends gave me one as a gift, and I could see having a whole wall full of them. You just couldn't be sad in a room filled with these wonders.

Keri's been making her polymer clay dolls since 2003, and she's made thousands of them. I remember seeing them on eBay a few years ago. You can find them in her Etsy shop or on her website. Or just look through her flickr photostream. Read about them on her blog.

I am blown away by how many of them there are and how each doll has her own personality. Fairies, holiday dolls, mermaids... there's just no end to Keri's creativity.

Fabulous Friday Find #2 is a site filled with all sorts of jewelry components and findings -- Ornamentea.

Not your everyday ordinary findings, but some extraordinary pieces that will add personality to your jewelry creations.

I've been on a search for some new closures and findings for some of my pieces, and when I was searching for bead caps I happened upon these ceramic bead caps that are available on the site.

Come to find out, there's a whole array of Elaine Ray ceramic components available, everything from bead caps to beads to toggles.

I'm thinking of ordering some of these caps to finish off a few UFOs (you have UFOs, right? UnFinished Objects?). I have several bead crochet ropes that need a finishing touch, and I think these caps might be just the thing.

Of course, I probably won't stop with just ceramic bead caps... not from a site that offers free shipping for orders over $50.

My next Fabulous Friday Find is a giveaway by a fellow member of the Full Time Etsy Crafters team, Jean-Marie.

She's the curator of Daisycakes Soap, and she's doing a giveaway on her blog for a four-month subscription. That's $25 worth of olive oil soap, the perfect thing to pamper your skin... or the skin of whomever you choose to be the recipient of such a great gift.

Check out Jean-Marie's blog for details on the giveaway.

I'd wish you luck in the giveaway, but I think I want to win this one for myself...


This next find is just for fun. A friend of mine sent me the link to this ad for HEMA, a Dutch department store. The first HEMA store opened on November 4, 1926, in Amsterdam. Now there are 150 stores all over the Netherlands.

Take a look at HEMA's product page... just wait until it loads and watch what happens. DON'T click any of the items in the pictures. Just wait.

This company has a great sense of humor and a computer programmer with a lot of time on his hands.

What a hoot.

I've found more dolls this week... I'm not even looking for dolls, but sometimes I see them as I'm poking around on the internet, and that's what happened here.

These are the dolls made by a Russian artist named Anna Zueva. Visit her Facebook fan page to see more of her wonderful art. (Click the "Extended Info" link to read her story.)

The detail on these is incredible, and I love their little faces. My favorite thing about the one I posted here is that tiny little bird perched up there on her head. This one is called City Trip.

What's funny about my finding all these dolls for my Fabulous Friday Finds posts is that I really didn't play with dolls when I was little. Maybe that's why I'm so attracted to them now. :-)

From dolls to weirdly wonderful, this next Fabulous Friday Find is the work of artist Marie E.v.B. Gibbons, a wildly creative clay sculptress located in North West Denver.

Visit her personal site,, where her past works are shown. Or visit her Studio site, where you can see more of her work as well as sign up for classes.

I'd love to live closer to Denver so I could sign up! Or at least so I could see some of her work in person.

That's it for this week's Fabulous Friday Finds. Time for me to put away the piles of paper that have surrounded me for the past few days while I worked on taxes.

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Athena said...

That HEMA page was great fun! I'm going to show that to my husband (he's a web designer and will drool over it, heh).

And Anna Zueva's dolls are gorgeous.