Sunday, April 11, 2010

Got Income Taxes on Your Mind?

If you're in the U.S., and you haven't yet filed your income taxes, I'm pretty sure you're up to your ears in paperwork and digging through drawers and folders to find all the receipts and such you need. This year, for some reason, I waited till the last minute. Our new accountant is working on our taxes right now. At least I'm not having to do it myself!

Anyway, while I had taxes on the mind, I thought I'd go in search of some goodies that relate to taxes... you know, just to get you in the mood to fill out all those forms. :-)

Of course, Uncle Sam needs your support if he's to keep our government afloat. I don't think I'd mind paying Uncle Sam so much if he looked like this little guy. (This adorable hat is the creation of sweetpeatoadtots.)

Sadly, though, the image we all have in our heads of Uncle Sam is of this crotchety old man. And who wants to give HIM money?! (Photomosaic art print is by artbarkers.)

And what does Uncle Sam do with all that money he collects from us, anyway? It's no big secret that a lot of it goes to those big bankers... as if they needed more! (The Banker sculpture is by zalt57.)

But of course the bankers have to have their big fancy Cadillacs... (Print available from paigenance.)

and their planes... (Stained glass airplane kaleidoscope by sendmenewz.)

and don't forget the luxury yachts (Sea Breeze yacht set by Times3Toys.)

So while those Washington and Wall Street fat cats are enjoying all our money, we're all still hanging on and trying to get by on what we have left over after necessities and taxes, (Fat Cat Leo Brooch by studio12.)

working like dogs. (Paco the Pandora lampwork dog by maybeads.)


But perhaps there's a tiny glimmer of light at the end of your tunnel. (Photo print by chicalookate.)

Perhaps you've found all your receipts, tabulated all your income and deductions using one of those fancy newfangled adding machines, and have finally finished with your 2009 tax returns... (Lightning Adding Machine by rediscoveries.)

and, wonder of all wonders, you're getting a REFUND!!!

Well, lucky lucky you! You ought to just go out and buy yourself a treat. Something fun. Something you can wear every day of 2010, to remind you of just how happy you are that you got money BACK from Uncle Sam.

Something like this Show Me the Money peyote cuff by my friend and fellow beadweaver, Carol Dean Sharpe (aka SandFibers).

Now that you've finished reading this silly blog post and clicking all the pictures and visiting all the shops, GET BACK TO THOSE TAXES! Uncle Sam needs you.


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Michelle | Sticker Printing said...

What a cute baby. It looks like he is thinking hard for the country. Baby America rule!