Friday, May 14, 2010

Fabulous Friday Finds for May 14

What a week! It's been a hectic week of working on house plans, shopping for building materials, getting permits, and with a little bit of beading fit into the schedule. Not quite as much beading as I like, and I actually missed my goal to publish a new peyote cuff last week and this week. I have the designs done, but I haven't beaded them yet; so I'm going to try to catch up on my 2010 goal tomorrow. Or Sunday.

I did manage to track down more Fabulous Friday Finds though. So here, without further ado, are this week's goodies.

I'm a self-confessed bibliophile, so I've been in love with this first Fabulous Friday Find for a long time. It combines a love of books with a love of teeny tiny things. Cuz I also love teeny tiny things.

This incredible necklace is the creation of Margaux of

The thing that amazes me about this necklace is that Margaux made each of these little books from a scrap of leather and 30 sheets of paper. And each little book is only 5/8" tall.

There's one necklace with six books (which I've linked here), but you can also purchase a necklace that has just a single book. One teeny tiny book, for all your teeny tiny secrets.

My next Fabulous Friday Find is this beautiful wooden chain I found on Rings & Things.

I wasn't looking for wooden chain. I was looking for beads. But then I found this chain. And I love it. It reminds me of the wooden chains my grandfather (Papaw) used to carve. He'd take a single piece of wood and then carve it into links.

I have no idea what I would do with wooden chain, but I like it.

There are other styles, including some big flat links and even some heart-shaped links, and right now they're all 15% off.

If you've never shopped at Rings & Things, I can recommend them. I haven't purchased from them online, but I've bought several things from them at the Bead and Button Show, and I've always been happy with their prices and quality.

My third Fabulous Friday Find is a ring called Airy Light Clouds, and I gotta tell you that this ring is just as gorgeous in person as it is in the picture.

How do I know that? Well, because I have one.

Airy Light Clouds is the creation of Ande Cruz, a jewelry designer whose works I'm always ogling. I had this ring in my favorites for sooooooooo long, and when she had a one-day sale a few months ago I immediately made it my own.

And now I wear it every day. It's so comfortable and lightweight, and even with all those holes in it it's quite sturdy. A wonderful ring from a wonderful jewelry artist! What could be better?! :-)

Did I mention that I'm a bibliophile? Books books books, everywhere I looks (okay, I had to make it rhyme).

My fourth Fabulous Friday Find is my newest batch of books... all of which showed up on my doorstep today from Amazon. I've only had time to look through them quickly, but I'm very happy with them all and can hardly wait to spend some quality time going through them from cover to cover.

Embellished Beadweaving, the new beady book by Laura McCabe, is the book that started it all. I went to Amazon to order a copy of it, and there were a bunch of other books on my wishlist. I knew this gorgeous book wouldn't want to travel to me alone, so I gave it some company:
- Totally Twisted, by Kerry Bogert
- Beaded Colorways, by Beverly Gilbert
- Seed Bead Fusion, by Rachel-Nelson Smith
- Polymer Clay Color Inspirations, by Lindly Haunani and Maggie Maggio

I can't tell you how much I enjoy all my beady books. All of the ones that showed up today are wonderful, filled with ideas, techniques, and inspiration galore. I've learned all of my beadweaving techniques from my books, and one of these days I'm going to actually get out my stash of polymer clay and make something from it -- and I'll have plenty of books to guide me on my way. :-)

Well, I had a few more things in mind for the Fabulous Friday Finds, but my internet connection is being a bit uncooperative tonight. So I'm going to publish this while I can!

I hope you enjoy my finds! :-)


Athena said...

Love love love the ring! And the books are so cute.

randomcreative said...

I have Seed Bead Fusion checked out of the library right now. I wrote about it on my blog a few weeks ago: You won't be disappointed!

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

ha! Those books are so tiny.. that took some talent to make, wow! How Cute!

storybeader said...

One thing I have to say, I get so side-tracked when I read your (and others) blog... I want to start beadweaving, and twisting metal... Wish there was more time in a day... or maybe longer weekends.

The tiny book necklace is adorable!

Anonymous said...

aww! thank you SO much for all the lovely words about your / my ring! I am so glad you love it!!! ( now I'm gonna brag about you bragging about your ring, in my team blog! ;) )