Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fabulous Friday Finds for May 21

Welcome to another Fabulous Friday Finds! I'm having great fun putting these together, and I really appreciate all the nice comments that are left on these posts.

My first Fabulous Friday Find for this week comes from Facebook, the creations of Rich and Cat Audette Hope: ClayMonsters

I have to tell you that I hard the hardest time choosing a single picture to post here because I am in love with just about every one of the Clay Monsters I've seen! Be sure to look at all the photos on their Facebook page, and you'll understand what I mean.

According to their Facebook page, you can send them a message if you want to purchase a monster. Or if you're lucky enough to be in their area (Baltimore, MD), you might catch them at a show.

I think if I ever encountered these little guys at a show, I'd have to find someone selling a large trunk so I could haul a bunch of them away with me.

I love them! I might just have to have one. Or four. :-)

The next Fabulous Friday Find is the work of a polymer clay artist named Helen Breil, whose work I came across while browsing for goodies.

She has some really unusual shapes and colors in her clay, and I particularly liked this piece with the polymer set inside a pewter focal. Her website has gorgeous pieces of jewelry featuring her work, and if you're so inspired you can go shopping on her site.

The piece pictured here is called a Focal Frame, and she also has a whole page full of Focal Art Beads. Gorgeous!

And for those of you who play with polymer clay, there are textured stamps and tutorials available. (I still haven't gotten around to playing with my clay stash.)

Speaking of polymer clay, this next Fabulous Friday Find just amazes me. I've posted before about how much I love teeny tiny things. Well, this is teeny tiny.

What? You thought I suddenly took up cooking?!?!


This Beef Stew and Vegetables Preparation Board is just one of the food items available on the World in Miniature by Diane website.

Tiny little bits of food that look good enough to eat. Created at 1/12 scale, that means those carrots are just over 1/2" long.

Not in the mood to make beef stew? You can also find breads, cakes, fruits and vegetables, meats and poultry, and even a section called gourmet gruesome! There are also accessories for kitchen and bedroom. All tiny stuff. Makes me wish I had a dollhouse. :-)

Keeping with the "tiny" vein, I came across Lisa Snellings' little creations the other day and was immediately entranced.

I first spotted some of her Poppets, but when I went to explore more in her Etsy shop, Strangestudios, I found these Harlequin candlesticks.

I'm in love.

From the tilt of their heads to their tall skinny bodies, these whimsical characters just call to me. They want to be in my house, holding up MY candles. And they're in my favorite colors, too -- black and white.

Aren't they wonderful?

You can see some of the Poppets hanging around at their feet. Probably looking up at them like they're their idols or something.

You can see more of Lisa's work (and play) at her website, Poppet Planet. I got a chuckle when I read the tagline in the banner on her blog. This girl has a sense of humor. :-)

I guess since I just posted a picture of those harlequins, it's only natural that clowns would follow. Well, not a whole clown, but an adorable watercolor (mixed media, actually) painting called Directionally Challenged.

The painting is by CindysCardsandArt. I just love how the shoes carry over onto the mat. And that the jeans are really jeans. And that the shoes are on the wrong feet.

She has several paintings in her shop that I really like, including one of the Statue of Liberty from an odd perspective. I think I just like the whimsy she projects in her work.

And I'm not afraid of clowns. Or mimes.

Time to watch a little TV... there was a Dead Like Me marathon showing a couple of days ago, and now they're on our DVR. Yay! :-)


Karen Gill said...

This is great! I love tiny too, but I'm still trying to figure out what those little things are with eyes on the teeny tiny cutting board!?!

Melody Marie Murray said...

Karen, I think they are sliced mushrooms!

Lovely picks!