Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ready . Set . Go!

I'm still behind on my peyote cuff designs, but that doesn't mean I haven't been playing with beads!

My beading needle has been temporarily set aside so I could play with another piece of hardware: my crochet hook. Using more of the picasso beads from Beads and Babble, I created this piece with a diamond pattern that looks so much like a snake that people were "eeking" when I posted the picture on Facebook.

You can see the beads I used for this in the background. Although I know a rope without a pattern would have been equally gorgeous, I just couldn't resist this.

There are two sets of diamonds that travel the length of the rope, and it really does look like a snake. I'm not sure what kind though.

The project I'm just starting is a custom bead crochet rope that also uses the picasso finish beads (they're gorgeous!!!), this time the size 8/0 ones. The request was for a 45" long rope that has different color sections that blend into each other. That required that I first sort the beads, so I spent awhile picking up the different colored beads from the mixed hanks I had and dropping them into little paper cups. It's a good thing I have OCD.

And now they're all strung. Three thousand four hundred twenty four beads. 3424. All carefully blended and strung so the rope will go from dark to light and back again.

Time to start crocheting. :-)

I still haven't given up hope on catching up on my peyote cuff designs. There are patterns to be done and bracelets to be beaded, so stay tuned.


moonlitfantaseas said...

wow....that is beautiful, I would love to learn bead crochet.......but I can't even remember how to do a granny square any more.......still its something I would love to be able to do


Hey girl, long time no talk. Looks like you are doing good. Love your bead crochet. I just finished one and starting another. It's great for when I'm sitting in a doctor's office. How's the house going? Got some bad news about Joe. Send me an email if you can so I can reply, not sure if I have your correct address now.

Bonnie K