Friday, January 15, 2010

Beadweaving - "Not Just for Old Ladies"

What a hoot. I got such a kick out of that comment, part of a blog post by LemonJitters called Beadwork Love. She included one of my new pieces, my Peacock Feather cuff, to demonstrate that it's NOT just for old ladies. She's absolutely right, you know. Beadweaving can go from ornate to simple and everywhere in between, so there's something for everyone.

Of course I had to go check out her Etsy shop, and I must say I really like her style. She uses lots of vintage bits and pieces in her creations, giving new life to jewelry that was worn and loved by someone years ago. Check out these Twinkle and Wink earrings -- aren't the blues wonderful?

Personally, I lean more toward the simpler side in my beadweaving (I'm very left-brained that way); but I can appreciate the art and the workmanship demonstrated by some of my fellow beadweavers who create elaborate, one-of-a-kind pieces.

I'm busy trying to make sure I keep up with my own personal resolution to create a new design each week this year -- trying to stretch my creative muscles. So far I'm right on track with two new designs, Two Hearts (perfect for Valentine's Day) and Feather. I've even made a second version of the Feather design because I just couldn't resist pairing some shiny silver-lined crystal beads with some matte white ones. This is Angel Feather:

And for those of you who love to beadweave yourself, I've listed the pattern for Feather (personal use only).

One last thing... speaking of patterns and original designs. I was copied again. By someone who was my "friend" on Facebook. She copied my Piano Man design and then had the audacity to post a picture of her version on my Facebook fan page.

Copyright infringement is just stealing!!! It's not "the sincerest form of flattery." Not at all. So if you see a design that you really really really like, and you want to make one for yourself, contact the designer to either (1) purchase the pattern from them, or (2) ask their permission to copy their design. Don't steal it. Respect the artist whose work you admire.


NEDbeads said...

SO sorry to hear that you were infringed on in such a bold manner (or infringed upon at all, of course). What a horrible 'friend.' Your feather cuff is just gorgeous!!!! Wonderful to be receiving your blog, keep up the beautiful work!!!!

Lemon Jitters said...

Thanks for the sweet comments! I really like your cuffs- It was hard to choose just one! They are the very type of beadwork I like.