Thursday, January 28, 2010

2010 - Week #4 Peyote Design

It's week number four in this new year, and I'm managing to keep on target with my goal to create a new peyote cuff pattern every week. I've realized that I need to keep better track of all my ideas, better than usual, so I don't lose track of them when my attention is grabbed by something else. Even though I have bits of scratch paper lying around, and a multitude of notepads, I finally dedicated a single pad to keeping track of ideas for my designs.

Although I didn't intend it, I've also found that it's a handy way to keep track of the details about each design -- number of rows, delica colors, size, and any notes about the inspiration for a particular design -- before I add all of that to my spreadsheet. "What?" you say. "Spreadsheet?" Well, yes. I'm a bit of a spreadsheet NUT. So I have all of my jewelry designs dutifully recorded in a spreadsheet. If nothing else, it's a great way to see the progress I've made over the relatively few years I've been doing this.

This week's design was inspired by, of all things, of those swirly things you see all over blogs, websites, banners, and business cards these days. They're all so pretty, and although I don't use them on any of my sites, I thought it would be fun to create a cuff design with all those swirls and swoops. So here it is: Fanciful

The colors I used for this version, bright opaque white and yellow, with frosty pearl gray and shiny silver-lined yellow gold, were suggested by a fellow member of Bead Art Originals for the next color mosaic. The mosaic will be posted sometime next week, and I can hardly wait to see what my fellow beady people have created in this set of colors!

In light of some recent events, I must point out that THIS DESIGN IS MY ORIGINAL, COPYRIGHTED DESIGN. It is not to be copied in any form without my express permission. I should have the pattern ready for purchase in a few days; so if you want to create one of these for your own personal use, check my Etsy shop. Thank you for respecting my copyright!


storybeader said...

good deal you have a notepad to record your patterns - you should keep a photo in it too! I love recording my creations in a journal ... guess that's one reason I started making them! Love the design, not sure about the color, but I can see it with just the right outfit!

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