Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday's New Peyote Design

One of my resolutions this year was to try to create a new peyote cuff design every week. It's ambitious, but so far I'm on track. It's only week three, I know, but this will be a good challenge.

So here it is! Cat Prints on a Lime Green Quilt. Because one of my friends sent me a picture of one of her cats. I've always said inspiration can come from just about anywhere. :-)

It's not really a new design (I love doing these!), but I also finished a new caterpillar/anemone bracelet. I named this one Fringe -- partly because it's made up of hundreds of fringes and partly because I was watching an episode of Fringe on hulu when I started it (great show, BTW). Coincidence? Well.... yes it was!

This bracelet is just downright FUN. All those colors are like a celebration for your wrist. Someone told me it looks like confetti.

Wonder what next week's design will be... I'm watching The Big Bang Theory right now. Think I could do something with that? :-)

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