Monday, January 25, 2010

More Hearts for Tanya...

In less than a week, Tanya Boden (aka AardvarkSilver) goes in for her life-saving surgery, and lots of her friends and cyber-friends are joining forces to raise money to cover the costs. The Tanya fund is getting closer and closer to the $12,000 goal, but it's not quite there yet. Thanks to some of my fellow beadweavers, I've been able to donate more than $60 toward the fund, as I'm donating half the proceeds from every peyote cuff pattern I sell by January 31 (I extended it a week). (You can read about Tanya on her AardvarkSilver blog.)

So if you're a beadweaver and you'd like to try out one of my designs for yourself, you'll get to do that and help someone who really needs it. Check out the Patterns section of my Etsy shop.

It occurred to me that not everyone is a beadweaver, so not everyone needs or wants a peyote cuff pattern. But everybody loves beady things, right? And hearts? So I'm also going to donate half the proceeds from every piece of beadwoven jewelry in my shop that features a heart, from now through January 31. Some of the heart pieces feature beautiful focals by Lisa Peters and Kristie Roeder.

While you're out there shopping, stop by Carol Dean Sharpe's blog and bid on the beautiful Promises of Spring necklace she's auctioning. The auction is right on her blog, and she's donating 100% of the proceeds from it to Tanya's cause. It's a beautiful necklace that features an incredible focal made by Kristie Roeder.

Now it's time for me to get back to beadweaving. So many beads... so little time.

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