Monday, June 09, 2008

Aliens must have landed in our yard during the thunderstorms we've been having. Seriously. Well, seriously about the thunderstorms. They've been horrible! Huge thunderboomers and torrential downpours have punctuated the past three days. One of the days we had to head to the basement because there were tornado sightings within 15 miles of our house, and the weather channel said they were moving in our direction. I think they're over now, and apparently there was no damage anywhere in the area.

The alien thing? Check out these funky little mushrooms that sprouted in the mulch by our back deck.

And if those aren't strange enough, those same little aliens were nice enough to plant some pretty purple flowers.

Ya gotta love it when creatures from other planets visit, right? :-)


Marlaine said...

The photos are great. Can you send some aliens my way. My life is too boring!

triz said...

both gorgeous!!! talk about funky :-) stay dry and safe in the bad weather!

GrandmaMarilyns said...

Oh, but aren't those little aliens so pretty. I love the way the mushrooms look like flowers. Glad the weather didn't get you. I look at the news and see all of those that did get hit and I feel for them.

Regal Beads said...

I really like the purple flowers! we've been getting a LOT of rain here too

Azure Islands Designs said...

Happy to hear everyone was safe after your bad must be so frightening with the possibility of tornadoes!!!

I love what your aliens left you both are so pretty...purple is my favorite color!!!


Linda said...

Don't you just love Mother Nature!?