Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's Etsy Treasury Day! I was pretty excited when I snagged this one, called Turquoiselicious. A lot of the time I don't plan them ahead of time, but for this one I used the Etsy Poster Sketch Tool and had it all set to go. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that a couple of the featured items from this one get sold, because the alternates I've chosen are fabulous! I may have to switch them out just because I love them. Since I'm the curator, you can get a sneak preview of my alternates in this picture.

It's active until Wednesday, also, so go visit!

While I was busy creating that one, Carol Dean (SandFibers) was creating one of her own; and she included my Forever in Blue Jeans beadwoven pendant in it. Click the picture to go visit this one, also active until Wednesday.

And while you're clicking away, check out Carol Dean's Etsy shop. You'll find all sorts of beadwoven goodies in there, including this beautiful blue triangle pendant. I have it from a reliable source that she's become somewhat obsessed with making these triangles of late... I can see why! :-)

Another Etsy Beadweaver, Marlaine, was also busy creating a treasury with my favorite color combination - black, white, and red. Check this out!
Marlaine has a cuff (with the hilarious title of 'Gimme the Garnets... and no one gets hurt') that would fit nicely into her treasury. Don't you think?

Valerie (mistflowerstudio) is gearing up to start listing in her Etsy shop, so keep your eyes peeled. She's been under the weather for a couple of weeks and included my 'Frog in My Throat' ACEO in her Weekly Review treasury.
There are some gorgeous items in that treasury! My silly little drawing is among great company.

Here's a really fun treasury, curated by Rhonda (thecozyloft), and filled with a an eclectic collection of dolls. Some of these are downright scary! Rhonda included my little scalloped silhouette tags, A Little Girl and Her Doll, in this fun collection.
I went to check out Rhonda's shop to see what goodies she has, and I found this adorable painting, perfect to brighten up your kitchen. I can't believe this is only $5!!

Go check out all the treasuries!!!


Rhonda said...

You are just awesome! I love your blog and am so happy you told me about it! Thank you for showing one of my pieces and also thanks for the kind words. LOL - some of them are a bit unique in the doll collection. :D

Thank you again - you are sooo sweet!

GrandmaMarilyns said...

Wonderful all the treasuries you have been included in.

Jennifer Robin said...

Love the Etsy Treasuries! I've really got to get it in gear and get my Etsy store stocked again! Now that our hot water heater mess is almost behind us, maybe I can find some time to work on that.

LizzyT said...

I love your blog, the beadwork is amazing. I have passed 2 awards onto you. You can see details here:

Bevs Creations said...

Fantastic treasures you included!

Julie said...

very cool how you showed all the treasuries! How did you do that?