Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hello, Sweden! Or I should say God dag, Sverige! Said with a horrible American accent, by the way. I tried, really I did, to learn to speak some Swedish when I visited my friend there. She laughed at me a LOT.

Laughter or not, I decided to create this Swedish Checkerboard bracelet after I chatted with my Swedish friend (hej, Maria, my Swedish dotter!) a few days ago. It's in honor of the Swedish flag. I've been thinking of my friend a lot lately because she broke the news to me that she'll be having a baby at the end of the year. She's soooooo excited, and I am also. I'm going to start looking for airfares so I can plan a visit there in the spring. It's an absolutely beautiful country, and I love visiting there; but I've been there in the winter. It's cold, and three hours of daylight just isn't enough for me. I want to go when the weather's just a bit warmer. :-) She'll understand.


Antonio Howell, M.D. said...

Wow! Three hours of daylight would
drive me batty.

Nice bracelet.

Most people are usually touched that you tried to learn their language so don't give up. I hear that Rosetta Stone course is good for learning languages.

Marlaine said...

Beautiful. I like the pattern and the colours!

MyFairLadyVT4 said...

I love how you used the colors of the flag ML.

Carol Dean said...

My family has ties to Sweden that date back to the late 1800s, so I really appreciate this.

I tend to think of smorgasboards when I think of Swedish boards :)

GrandmaMarilyns said...

Love your cuff, MaryLou.