Sunday, June 15, 2008

I really liked the way the Camo Cuff turned out, so I decided to make another one using some different colors. Now I know I could have gone with another "traditional" set of colors, but where's the fun in that?!?! I chose instead to create some camouflage for those people looking to hide out in their shrubbery. So here's my newest creation, Hiding in the Hydrangeas.

I think I've been inspired to do more beadweaving lately because I've sold quite a few pieces (YAY!) and because I've been lucky enough to be featured in a number of treasuries in these past few days. These are all wonderful collections of goodies, and I'm thrilled to have my pieces featured in them.

This first one was created by a fellow beadweaver, Susan (ClinkscalesArts), and includes my Foxxy Cleopatra Cuff. Her title says she was unprepared, but I don't believe it for a minute. Don't you think Susan's Mocha Eggplant earrings would have fit nicely into that collection?

Ann (myfairladyvt4) put together this wonderful treasury filled with bracelets and included Fruit Cocktail in it. I honestly try to keep up with what my fellow Etsy BeadWeavers are creating, but there were some in here I'd never seen before. Ann creates these little beaded doilies that are phenomenal. Don't you just love this Citrus Doily Bracelet?

Marilyn (GrandmaMarilyns) must have been tickled pink when she created this treasury with the same name. She also included Foxxy Cleopatra amongst this treasury made up entirely of beadweaving.

Marilyn's Cats Eye Hugs and Kisses Earrings and Pendant would have been right at home in that collection!

And... Carol Dean (SandFibers) included Fruit Cocktail in this delicious-looking collection of Tutti Fruiti.

I know it's not citrus (which Carol Dean featured prominently in that collection), but I think blueberries and limes would qualify as tutti fruiti, don't you? This Green and Blue Split Personality pendant looks positively yummy.

Ileana (enchantedbeads) has been doing a great job of snagging treasuries lately, and she just assembled Days and Nights today and included my Champagne Fire bracelet in it.

Ileana is best known for her beadwoven brooches and pendants, but I just love this little Jewelry Box. It's the perfect place to store tiny treasures. :-)

Wanna see more treasuries that feature beadweaving? Check out this Etsy forum thread! You won't believe what beautiful creations are produced by the members of this talented team. If you're thinking of assembling a treasury, search for EBW TEAM in titles/tags and you'll find an endless supply of beauty to include.



Carol Dean said...

Thanks for the mention, MaryLou :D

GrandmaMarilyns said...

Thank you for including me in your blog for my Pretty in Pink treasury and thank you for including my pink hugs and kisses set.

MyFairLadyVT4 said...

What a great treasury article. Thanks so much for including me and my new bracelet.

ClinkscalesArts said...

I promise - I was completely unprepared! I just made that treasuries using things I loved from some of my favorite sellers. :)

Thanks so much for featuring me on your blog!

MFH said...

Your creations are just beautiful; colors, designs and workmanship. Such things are still at infancy stage here in Malaysia.

Kim said...

a beautiful collection MaryLou !!!
you are all so talented and so much patience !!!

BOOM SAKA said...

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