Saturday, June 28, 2008

Barack Obama is all about change, so when Emily contacted me to ask if I could make some changes to the Obama cuff I was happy to oblige. She wanted it a bit longer and also wanted stripes added to the "band" portion. A few thousand beads later, and here it is! She's already bought and paid for it, and it's in the mail so she'll have it in plenty of time for the Fourth of July parades. I've been thinking about doing another variation, maybe with a black "band" instead of the gray.

This was the week for custom orders, and I also just finished this spiral design for my sister in law. She wants to give it as a gift to someone, and she sat and looked through my Delica collection for quite awhile before settling on the colors. I think she chose quite nicely, with the color-lined purple and gold.

This was also a great couple of days for Etsy treasuries! The Etsy BeadWeavers Team has been keeping track of treasuries that feature members, so it's nice to be able to hop over to the forums they're posted in and see them. I try to visit and comment/click on all of them, and it's soooo much easier to keep track of them this way. I still go through and look for that little gold star to see if I'm featured in one, but many times I find that it's already been posted to the forum before I even find the star.

The newest one is one of my all-time favorites. Carol Dean (SandFibers) put together this Inspired Simplicity collection and chose all black and white, including my Black and Bright cuff. I love love love black and white together! There's still time to visit this treasury, too, if you want to get a better view. Just click the picture!
Carol Dean's Houndstooth cuff would have fit into that treasury nicely, don't you think?

Carol Dean (using her alias) also included my Bright Right Triangles bracelet in this treasury that shows off her latest obsession -- Triangulation! Click the picture to go to the treasury so you can check it out in person.

Want proof of Carol Dean's obsession with triangles? Click here! (I just went to do that search and found her newest listing, this drop-dead gorgeous Monochrome Triangle Pendant -- WOW!)

These others have already expired, but I'm still honored to have had my pieces featured in them. One of the newest members of the Etsy BeadWeavers team, miamiamia, included the Desert Diva cuff in her Beaded Treasures collection.
And... she included the Foxxy Cleopatra cuff in this treasury, called Did Somebody Mention Colour?
When you look at miamiamia's Etsy shop, it's pretty obvious she likes color. Isn't this colorful bracelet beautiful?

Last, but not least, is this fun treasury that was assembled by Kalos. It's not beadweaving, but it's another of my favorite things... snails. I just love some of these little guys!! Sylvia Snail was in great company here, wasn't she?
I visited Kalos' Etsy shop and found all sorts of beautiful jewelry, including this Toasted Marshmallows necklace which is ON SALE!!! In fact, she has a great sale going to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday, so check it out.

Now it's time for another dose of cappuccino... that's a good way to start the day, don't you think? :-)


Jean Hutter said...

MaryLou I love your new cuffs. They are great. I especially like the Obama cuff - good idea.

ClinkscalesArts said...

That Obama cuff was a fabulous idea! Michelle Obama definitely needs one of those for the campaign trail. :)

GrandmaMarilyns said...

Love your new cuffs. You did a great job on the Obama cuff and the spiral. Congratulations on the treasury appearances.

Marlaine said...
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Marlaine said...

The new cuffs are great! And there is never a bad time for a cap or an Americano which is my drink of choice!

LizzyT said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. It is because of the wonderful beading work I see on blogs like yours that I have got that book. The creations that you and your fellow beaders make are amazing. I am sure it will be a long time before I will be able to make anything that looks wearable.

PinkPoochDesigns said...

Great idea for the Obama cuff, I love the colors of the spiral cuff!!

Esen Burrows said...

Marylou, Thank you so much for featuring me in your blog, I only spotted it this morning and it was a lovely surprise. Thank you for your kind words.

Your cuffs are amazing, I show your shop to EVERYONE.


Regal Beads said...

Those new cuffs are amazing :)