Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Today wasn't nearly as productive as I intended it to be. It's not my fault, really. I had good intentions and even had a list of some of the things I wanted to accomplish.

Instead of being productive, though, I had to spend a couple of hours at the dentist's office having a tooth repaired. Yesterday evening, as I was eating dinner, I suddenly realized there was something crunchy in the bite of broccoli I had just taken. Broccoli's not supposed to be crunchy. At least not when it's been steamed. Sadly, the crunchy thing was large enough that I had no trouble locating it so I could spit it out. It was about a quarter of one of my molars. Drat. It was too late in the day to call the dentist, but I called this morning for an appointment and lucked out. Someone had cancelled just this morning, so there was time available for him to see me. Good thing, too. He's going on vacation tomorrow for a week and a half!

So that's how I spent a significant part of my day. Getting a crown. It's very pretty. It should be, for the price. Even with insurance, it's expensive.

So my list of things I wanted to get done dwindled to just a few things I managed to accomplish. My Etsy orders went out in the mail (that's always a priority), and I managed to list two new creations.

I was going through my Delicas a few days ago, trying out different colors next to each other. When I put these olive and copper colored matte finish beads next to each other, I knew I was going to have to combine them in a bracelet. I couldn't think of a catchy title, but it's still a pretty little bracelet, don't you think?

I finally got around to creating the Equine Expressions notecard set. Having grown up on a farm with horses all around me (my grandfather was a horse trainer), I can't believe it's taken me this long to create cards with horses. I've always loved them.

On the topic of animals, I created this Treasury today to send some love from the Etsy BeadWeavers to one of our members, Wolf (DantesSpirit). Our thoughts are with Wolf and with Dante.


Melody said...

Oooh, that's a wonderful color combo that sounds unlikely but really works! Beautiful.

Sorry about your tooth- I hate when that happens.

Jean Hutter said...

Great bracelet, great notecards and great treasury - you scored 3 out of 3. A winner!

Linda said...

You discover the most beautiful color combos! I'm so envious. And those horse cards are the best!

Marlaine said...

Love the bracelet!

Dawn N said...

Those are great colors together! It must be nice to be able to draw like that. My mother can but I didn't inherit her talent :(

njemacreative said...

That is a very spiffy bracelet. I really like the subtlety of the colors!