Sunday, March 14, 2010

Daisy Chain - Come On, Spring!

It's not at all intentional, but there must be something about my wanting spring to show up that's making me think of flowers. Because I'm normally not a flowery person. No flowers in our home decor, no flower prints on my clothes. And even though I like looking at them in other peoples' gardens, I never really got into planting flowers around our house (perennials were much less trouble!).

Nevertheless, there are more flowers this week for my newest peyote cuff design, Daisy Chain. Two rows of little daisies, one going one way and one the other, reminiscent of those chains I used to make when I was little (mine were clover flowers, but you get the idea).

I thought it might be fun to create just a single daisy chain, too, so this narrow version will be listed in my Etsy shop sometime later today. As much as I like wide cuffs, I like this little bracelet with its single row of daisies (or in this case, some fictional turquoise flower).

I was a little speedier than usual in getting the pattern ready for publication, so if you're a beadweaver and want to make your own version of Daisy Chain, the pattern is listed in my Etsy shop (and through the end of the month, you can still get 28% off your entire purchase!). The pattern includes both versions of the Daisy Chain design.

Lest you think I'm focusing all my attention on coming up with new peyote cuff designs, I have to show you this latest freeform peyote cuff. The colors I used for this one were suggested by Lisa Peters (aka LisaPetersArt, on Etsy), chosen to comply with the Art Bead Scene Color Challenge: Turquoise.

I hadn't really thought of entering the challenge, but when I reached the point of finding a closure for the cuff (freeform means I don't really plan the beads or closure out ahead of time -- so I had to go on a search for just the right button when I got to the end). And just look what I found! I freely admit to having a collection (hoard) of Lisa Peters' beads, buttons, and cabochons; and here was this raku shank button that fit into my bracelet perfectly.

This piece, called Sunshine on Water, is almost 3" wide at the widest point. You may think the blue colors are what inspired the "water" portion of the name; and while that's partly true, the main reason for it is the ruffly wave I incorporated into the top of the cuff. This one is WILD.

I think I have freeform out of my system for awhile... What to do next? I think I should probably finish the necklace I made, using another one of Lisa Peters' pieces, and my newly learned technique: right angle weave (RAW). Yep. That's what I should do. :-)

Time for more beads... and some Pillsbury cinnamon rolls with latte. YUM. :-)

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Jen V. said...

I found you through the BAO mosaic post...I loooove freeform peyote and this bracelet is fantastic! I especially love that it's finished off with a Lisa Peter's button!