Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wriggly, Squiggly New Peyote Cuff Design

I didn't really have anything particular in mind for this week's new design, so I guess it was a good thing I encountered a snake on our property the other day when I was planting some trees. I probably walked across him three or four times before I saw him move. He was so well camouflaged that his movement is the only thing that alerted me to his presence. Just a little thing... only about 18" long. My husband had the shovel, so I called him over to scoop up the snake and move it to another spot out of my way. I knew he wasn't poisonous (based on the shape of his head), but I didn't know what type of snake I had encountered. After checking out the Snakes of North Carolina website, I'm pretty sure it was a worm snake.

Snake adventure over, and trees successfully planted, I came home with the idea of a snake design in my head. Initially, I thought of doing a design of some kind of snake's pattern, but I wound up focusing on the overall shape. I was fiddling around with curves and squiggles and wriggles, and here's what I created: Wriggle

Wonder what other kinds of critters will inspire my peyote patterns...


One last note: My Super Duper March Sale in my Etsy shop is coming to an end at midnight on March 31. The sale is for 28% off EVERYTHING in my shop. It's the biggest sale I've ever offered (in celebration of 5000 sales), and it's probably the biggest one you'll see from me in a very long time. Just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

totally cute design!

gina /aka / wing said...

that's really cool MaryLou, i love the critter on a wrist.'s weird too, cuz i just made a necklace, and it turned out to be called Reptilian Eyes, and i had NOT planned on them looking like 2 snake eyes, but..haha, that's how it turned out. anyhoo, love this one. miss you too..been kind of off and rummy tired. i need to bead, huh. ;) good goin' my friend!
♥ gina