Friday, March 26, 2010

Fabulous Friday Finds for March 26

Welcome to this week's Fabulous Friday Finds post! I have a whole bunch of new goodies to share with you this week, so here goes:

Fabulous Friday Find #1 is kind of a continuation of last week's goodies. More dolls.

I've long been a fan of Miss Millificent's Mesdamoiselles, ever since I first saw them on the weblog of Athena Workman. I was even lucky enough to win a print of one of Athena's drawings on a blog giveaway. As soon as we build our house, it's going to have a special place so everyone who visits can enjoy it.

But today, I want to show you one of Athena's dolls. It was tough for me to pick a favorite to show here, but I finally settled on A Murder of Crows. Just look at the expression on that face!

If any of you are close to Nashville, Tennessee, you can visit some of her dolls in person. I just read in Athena's Etsy shop announcement that some of her dolls are leaving her shop for a month to go with her to her gallery show. I have a feeling some (or all!) of them may find new homes.

You can see more dolls, ornies, and artwork at

My second Fabulous Friday Find is by an Etsy artist named Natalya Sots. Natalya has some of the most whimsical, fun, cute, and creative bits of pottery I've ever encountered. I love everything in her shop!!

My favorite things, though, are her Alice in Wonderland inspired pieces. I love love love this Mad Hatter cup!

Just look at all those swirls and spots and stripes and COLORS! You just couldn't be sad drinking a latte from that cup. (I know, I know -- it's supposed to be a tea cup, in honor of the Hatter, but I drink a lot of latte.)

This next Fabulous Friday Find takes me back to when I was making all kinds of tags. And even though I'm not making them any more, I'm still just flat out tempted to buy a big spool of this baker's string! I don't know why. I just like it.

I never actually tried to find it, but apparently there are lots of people who like it. It would look great for tying up packages or for making tags.

This ginormous spool of 9072 feet can be had for only $18 from Black Ink Boston and Cambridge.

There's some other stuff on that site, too.

You can have all the string.

I don't need it. Really. But only $18?!?! :-)

Next on the Fabulous Friday Finds list is a website suggested to me by a Facebook friend. I've been searching for containers to hold my massive collection of delica beads, and although I have a "system," it could use some improvement.

This site, called FDJ On Time, has everything imaginable in terms of storage containers, displays, and tools -- just about anything you could want if you're a jewelry maker.

I haven't finished browsing, but these Dot Box containers are what intrigue me. At 3.3" tall x 1.7" wide x 1.7" deep, they seem like a good size for bead storage. And 16 of them are only $3.99, which isn't bad either. They also offer volume discounts, so I could get 16 of these for as little as $2.89 if I bought a lot of them.

I just have to decide whether I want to invest in ~500 of them to store my delicas... decisions, decisions.

Okay, back to cool, artsy Fabulous Friday Finds. This next find is from one of my favorite Etsy shops, uniquebuttons.

You know I like playing around with cabs and beads made by artisans, and LeAnn's buttons look great! I have a couple of them (including that one you see to the left) in my favorites list, and I pretty regularly check out her shop for more goodies.

This face pendant is so cool, and it's on sale right now for only $3.50. Wow.

I think I might have to add it to my cart before someone else snags it. :-) She has more, though. Never fear.

Another one of my favorite shops for cabs, pendants, and beads is JoanMillerPorcelain. I get to see new things from Joan all the time as she posts them on Facebook, and this dragonfly lentil bead recently flew past me.

Just look at those big red eyes and the veining on his (her?) wings!

One of the things I like most is the variety of goodies in Joan's shop. Just looking at her banner makes me want to go exploring.

You know how sometimes you see something you like and you're not exactly sure why you like it? Yes, I know that sounds like a strange way to compliment someone's work, but that's how it is with the neckpieces I found in an Etsy shop called giia.

I could never carry this look off, but there's something about it that I just like.

Texture. Color. Boldness.

Couldn't you see one of these on a fashion runway?

The piece pictured here is called ARMIE. The first one of these I saw was done in shades of red, but I like this gray and black one.


My last Fabulous Friday Find is offered up by one of my Full Time Etsy Crafters teammates, Ralph of UnkamenSupplies.

Ralph makes jumprings. Millions and millions of jumprings. In all kinds of colors. And even though I don't do chainmaille, I'm intrigued by all these little rings in all their bright colors. And he has sample packs of all different sizes, just tempting me to try them.

Wonder what I could do with these.

You think I could somehow work them into my beadweaving? Hmmmm.

If you want to see what can be done with these, check out Ralph's (and family's) other Etsy shop, UnkamenGifts.

Now if these jumprings were SQUARE, I know I could use them. :-)

Okay, that's enough for me for this week. I have a pretty endless list of favorites, so I hope you'll come back next week to see more of my Fabulous Friday Finds.


Athena said...

Oh, lookit that! Thanks for featuring me! People really seem to like "A Murder of Crows". :)

And thanks for introducing us to UnkamenGifts! I might just get some colorful jump rings for my little cake charms...

Miss Val's Creations said...

I just love Miss Millificent's Mesdamoiselles work! So great. That Mad Hatter cup is fantastic!!!!

:-) MaryLou said...

Athena - I love all your dolls!! It was hard to choose which one to feature. And those jump rings would look great on your charms. These are way better than the commercially available ones, and the colors are just great. :-)

Miss Val - Thanks for your visit and comment! :-)

Splendid Little Stars said...

I love Athena's dolls! I love Athena's polymer clay items!
But just look at all the wonderful goodies you've gathered together! (That string is mighty tempting to me, too!)

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Great features!
Athena's dolls are awesome!!!