Thursday, March 18, 2010

This Week's Peyote Design

While I had no trouble at all coming up with the design this week, I ran into trouble when I tried to think of a name for it. I just couldn't think of anything!

Well, my Facebook fans came to my rescue. I posted a message on my fan page asking for help with a name, and I wound up with more than 20 suggestions! Then the challenge was choosing just the right name from all the great ideas I saw there (sound waves, wood grain, zebra eye, topology... that's just a few of them).

I finally settled on Raindrops. I think it fits because all the shapes are drops, and they radiate outward like water drops in a puddle. The person who chose the name will receive a copy of the pattern (as soon as I get it ready, that is). And all those suggestions I received gave me ideas for other designs...


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