Friday, March 19, 2010

Fabulous Friday Finds for March 19

Friday again! And another batch of Fabulous Friday Finds. Once again, I had no trouble at all compiling this bunch of goodies. They're from all over the place, because I'm all over the place. :-)

My first Fabulous Friday Find is a teeny tiny little creature by the incredibly talented Aleah Klay.

I first "discovered" Aleah on Facebook, and now I ooh and aah over every one of these little pieces she creates.

Her creations range from little people to teddy bears to all kinds of other furry creatures, but when you look closely and realize that these little guys are only about an inch tall, you'll be as flabbergasted as I am. There's so much detail in each piece it's just incredible.

That little guy you see to the left is currently listed on eBay. He won't be there long, though.

My second Fabulous Friday Find is from a new Etsy seller named Tim Scull. I saw one of Tim's pots when one of my Facebook friends posted it, and I immediately went to check out his shop.

This pot is one of my favorites, but he also has some saggar fired pieces that are incredible. This piece is raku fired (and I'm a big fan of raku), with a white crackle glaze with inlayed copper thread, copper mesh, and fused glass, and finally fumed with ferrous chloride. Incredible!

I could see having a whole row of these pots sitting on a shelf... couldn't you?

My third Fabulous Friday Find is an unusual lampwork bead created by my friend Jennifer Cameron (whose Etsy shop is called GlassAddictions). Actually, Jennifer's another Facebook friend (I just keep meeting nice people on there!), a lampwork artist who creates some really unusual pieces.

If you check out her Facebook fan page, you'll see my favorite of her beads as her profile picture. (While you're there, I'm sure she'd love to have a few extra fans.)

This bead to the left, though, completely intrigues me. It's called The Gorgons, a name taken from Greek Mythology. I've grown to really like the combination of lime green and cobalt blue, and this piece with its tentacles and bumps that look like molten lava is just fascinating.

The title for this next piece is a little out of season, but I actually chuckle to myself every time I look in my favorites and see this guy. No, Summer Will Not End is a piece made by a fellow beadweaver and fellow member of Bead Art Originals, Dawn Chastain.

That face just cracks me up.

I swear I've had that very look on my face when I've been on vacation and realized it was time to go home. You know the feeling, right? When your family practically has to pry you away from that sandy beach? Waaaaaaaaah.

If you still have room on your shelf next to all those pottery pieces, maybe you'll enjoy this next Fabulous Friday Find I found in an Etsy shop called OffTheLathe.

I've always wanted a lathe, and every time I visit an arts/crafts show or shop I'm immediately drawn to the turned wood pieces.

This artist does a whole variety of styles and uses lots of different woods. I'm going to keep my eye out on his shop because I have a feeling there's going to be something I just can't live without showing up there... the only thing saving me right now is that we live in a rented house and don't have room for much of anything. My whole collection of turned wood bowls and vases is packed away until we build a new house.

I think that's it for this week's Fabulous Friday Finds. If you have fabulous finds, leave a comment on my blog! Although I like hunting down some of these myself, I'd love to see the things you find and consider fabulous.

Happy Friday!

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