Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Do you ever keep track of all the things you do during the day? I've often thought I should just carry a notebook around with me so I could write down everything, and then maybe I'd see where the time goes. I don't believe I'm getting my full 24 hours. Some of them are lost, like that sock that never quite makes it out of the dryer. I'm missing a sock, too.

Today I had one big plan. Take pictures of the beadweaving I have finished and sitting on my dining room table, waiting to be photographed and listed in my Etsy shop.

I knew I'd have a couple of interruptions during the day because we had to take one of the vehicles in to the dealer for a checkup. That pesky little light that indicates "something" is wrong has been on for four days. The vehicle seems to be running okay, but you just can't ignore that "something is wrong" light and feel good about it.

So here's the day:
7:00am... Wake up, shower, get dressed. Grab book, water, wallet, etc., for short road trip.
8:15am... Take vehicle to dealership. This requires that both my husband and I go, since we'll leave one vehicle at the dealership and use the other for the rest of the day.
8:45am... Drive to restaurant and have breakfast. We split one breakfast. They have HUGE helpings.
10:00am... Go to Wal-Mart. Supposedly the trip to Wal-Mart is to pick up a new blender (ours is acting up), but there's an ulterior motive. My husband wants to look at "stuff" related to the new pellet gun he bought a few days ago. He needs a case, cleaning equipment, maybe more pellets. He is NOT a speedy shopper. I choose the blender, browse through several other departments, and find him still looking at pellet gun stuff. We finally leave, carrying the blender, some bread and eggs, and a bunch of pellet gun stuff.
11:30am... Drive back home.
11:45am... Check email and respond to everything needing an answer.
12:00pm... Prepare to take pictures. (See? I told you this was in the plan.) This involves getting out the hand models and busts I want to use for the photos, and then gathering up some different papers and fabrics to use as backgrounds.
12:05pm... Husband requests cappuccino. I have to make it because he hasn't learned all the steps involved.
12:20pm... Back to picture taking. Haul all the stuff outside that was gathered before, and pile it on the table. (Oh yeah. I've found the best place to take photos is on the table at the end of our deck. It's under a roof, so it's sheltered from weather, and it gets a good amount of light without being in direct sun.)
12:25pm... Arrange necklace on small pillar for photography. Prepare to take pictures. WHAT THE HECK?!?! Look who's decided to get into the picture.
12:30pm... Well, I can't very well squash him, and I do have my camera in hand. He finally crawls away, and I'm able to take some pictures of a necklace I want to list.
The only problem is that I don't particularly like the pictures.
12:40pm... Husband requests another cappuccino. Here I go again.
12:50pm... Back outside for more pictures. This time I manage to get enough pictures of my Raspberry Lemonade bracelet to be able to list it in my Etsy shop.
1:10pm... Edit pictures, compose listing. Done!
1:15pm... Check email again and respond.
1:25pm... Get packages ready to be put out in the mailbox for pickup this afternoon.
1:45pm... Work on some Etsy orders for tags and cards.
2:00pm... Answer doorbell and politely decline to purchase beef from the truck parked in the driveway. I don't care if it does say "Fresh Beef" on the side of the truck.
2:05pm... Back outside for more pictures. I'm told that my standing on the deck taking pictures is dangerous, as there is pellet gun practice underway. Back inside. (You just don't argue with a man holding a pellet gun.)
2:15pm... Spend a little time working on a custom bracelet order.
3:15pm... Dealership phones to say they can't figure out the cause for the warning light. They've replaced the spark plugs (at our request) and will have the vehicle ready for pickup shortly.
3:20pm... Straighten up the dining room and living room. Stand with hands on hips and look around both rooms, realizing that they're still not all that "straight," but it'll do for now.
3:30pm... Drive to dealership to pick up vehicle. Give dealership $264. Blech. Talk with mechanic, who says he has no idea why the light was on. He reset the light (turned it off), and he suggests that we drive the vehicle and see what happens. If the light comes back on, they'll check it again (and of course, we'll have to pay them again for this service). If the light comes on and blinks, we have a big problem. Yippee.
3:45pm... Drive to Mexican restaurant for dinner. Consume lots of chips and salsa before the main course of carne asada. Yum!
5:15pm... Drive back home.
5:20pm... Check the lighting. It's too late in the day to get good pictures. Drat.
5:25pm... Listen to the sound of pellets hitting the target in the back yard.
5:30pm... Give up on any hope of getting more pictures taken today.

Well. That's enough of that. I didn't really keep track. Because that would have been kind of insane, don't you think? So the times you see are merely estimates. They're pretty accurate though.

Maybe I'll get some pictures tomorrow. I'll have to get out there and claim my spot before the Pellet Gun King gets started again.

Now it's late, and although I'd love to be able to stay awake long enough to snag a treasury (some are going to be expiring, and I think there will be an opening), it's just not gonna happen.


Kalilea said...

Isn't it amazing how quickly time slips away? Your pictures look awesome though!

Designing Hilary said...

What about dropping Entrecards??!! That's a good solid 2 hours.

Regarding the car ... I had a similar situation last week. Plus the van was idling rough. On the first visit last month, they thought spark plugs, computer was showing a problem with cylinder #2. They swapped #2 with #4 to verify the problem, then all cylinders were operating fine.

One month later, car still has a rough idle and the "service engine soon" light comes on. Back to mechanic. Again, problem with cylinder #2 but this time he thinks it's the fuel injector. He didn't have time to pull the injector (labor intensive project) to check it out because I needed my car back for the weekend.

He suggested I get a can of Berryman B12 and add it to my gas tank. It's a fuel injector cleaning solution. After driving 60 miles, the rough idle disappeared. After 100 miles the "service engine soon" light went out. Car is running like a charm.

You may want to ask you mechanic if a can of Berryman B12 might solve the problem.

Jean9 said...

Time does have a way of slipping away, I always think that I don't have enough hours in a day. The last while I have been out working in my yard and catching up around the house, no crafting and not much blogging or card dropping and it seems time has slowed down just a little. Your bracelet is so beautiful.

Marlaine said...

In the interest of doing some time management, I've kept track of my day several times in the past. The end result. I NEED a 27 hour day, minimum! Great entertaining post! And I love the Raspberry cuff.

Carol Dean said...

The best laid plans... oh well :) There's always tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow...

thebeadedlily said...

Oh wow! Busy, busy lady! No ownder you have to bead so fast:)

Melody said...

I like this idea, the carrying around a notebook. You sound busy but good-natured! :-)

Ann said...

I have a very simple daily schedule. It's similar to the popular man of the moment, Michael Phelps. His schedule is eat, sleep, swim. Mine is eat, sleep, play on the internet.

Waterrose said...

Too funny. Your days sound like mine. I can put one main thing on my list that I really want to get done and many times never even get to it. Crazy!

Mrs. Mecomber said...

Yow, after reading your post, I'm ready for a nap! lol.

Petula said...

Good luck getting more pictures and be care of those pellets! I love that bracelet... it is nicely placed. Oh, and by the way, I don't think I get my share of 24 hours either.

PurrPrints said...

heh...i'm glad i'm not the only one...