Thursday, August 07, 2008

I'm certainly not famous, but I did feel a little bit famous earlier this week. It was such a nice surprise to find one of my cuffs featured on the August 5 Bead and Button Newsletter.

Subscribers to the magazine can upload pictures of their creations to the Subscriber Gallery, so every once in awhile I take advantage of that to show off one of my pies. The one they chose to feature was my Piano Man cuff. YAY!

Although it's been a busy beadweaving week, I haven't really listed too many new pieces. I have some finished ones that are waiting to be photographed, but I'm busy right now creating some custom tags and also some custom artwork for Etsy customers.

The pieces I did list are pretty varied. I decided I wanted to create a different color version of Evolutionary, and I chose the brightest colors in my bead stash to come up with the Polychromatic cuff and matching pendant. These are definitely bright!

Having fully admitted becoming addicted to creating peyote triangles, I created one using Swarovski crystals. I don't work with them too much, but I wanted to see how it would look if I added crystals to the outside edge of a peyote triangle; and so was born Sky Blue Gems. I really love the way this turned out, and I decided then that it needed a matching bracelet.

I'm offering a special price on the bracelets and pendants when someone buys the set -- 10% off both pieces!

The other new piece I listed this week is a really simple little bracelet that I named Glimmer. It's just pure sparkle! Even though I offer the option to have almost all of my bracelets created at custom sizes, I decided to make this one a bit larger, so it'll fit a 7.5" wrist.

I know this blog makes it look like all I do is beadweaving, but I also spend lots of time creating custom tags, cards, and artwork. It's been awhile since I added to my "inventory" of tags, but this week I listed some colorful little round tags that are only 1" in diameter.

Little tags like that are so nice for jewelry items, as they don't "take over". After all, customers don't want to look at TAGS! One of my Etsy customers, Candy (aka Candies64) agrees with that and asked me to make a smaller version of my Fancy Price Tags so she could use them for her creations. I just finished these this morning, and they're sooooo cute! She asked for a mixture of 1" tags with scalloped edges and just plain round ones, all printed in black ink. Check these out!

I'm also working on some custom artwork, similar in look to Chelsea Cheerleader and
Lola Lounge-Singer. The artwork, which is to be displayed on the guest table at an impending wedding, is going to be an 8" x 10" picture featuring the bride and groom. I've been checking out the pictures the bride sent me so I can make my silly drawings resemble the real people. These are such fun to do!

Now I'd better get back to work! I'm busy making some custom Alice in Wonderland Tags for someone!


Deb DiSalvo said...

LOVE the new Polychromatic cuff and matching pendant! The colors are awesome! You have a great eye for colors and I love the brightness of this one too! (of course, I still love mine to pieces!!!). Congrats on being in Bead and Button - the piano cuff was a great choice!

Leslie said...

wow!! Great shop! I love the cuffs! The music cuff is awesome! You did an excellent job!

Carol Dean said...

Congrats on the B&B exposure :D Well-deserved, my friend!

Regal Beads said...

congrats on being in B&B, how exciting :)

I created a short lived treasury with your bright cuff as the inspiration btw

You are so amazingly talented! I feel as if we lived close by I'd enjoy spending time with you a lot ;) sounds cheesy seeing that in writing though...

Laura said...

I like Chelsea Cheerleader. We are doing a doodle week on August 25th. Just a few of the bloggers I've met through Entrecard mainly. Maybe you would have fun and get some traffic if you join in.