Friday, August 15, 2008

Thank you! First things first. A big thank you to the Etsy sellers who featured my work in their treasuries during the week. One of the treasuries, curated by Cheryl of littlestonedesign, even made it to the front page on Wednesday! Her treasury featured work by fellow Etsy BeadWeavers and fellow Bead Art Originals members, so I was among great company. Here's a screenshot so you can see just how pretty her collection was. (That's my Peaches and Cream peyote cuff in the upper left corner.) I don't know if any of the sales I made after that appearance were a direct result of the exposure, but I do know that I wound up with some extra shop and item hearts. I don't count them, but I checked the majaba Heart-O-Matic. What a great tool that is!

The other Etsy sellers who featured me in their treasuries were:

enchantedbeads - Ileana, a fellow Etsy BeadWeaver, assembles some of the nicest treasuries! She makes incredibly beautiful jewelry that use semi-precious stones, tiny beads, and all sorts of embellishments. I'm amazed at how many different designs she has. Each is a tiny work of art.

SandFibers - What can I say about Carol Dean? She's one of the nicest people on the planet, and she creates drop-dead gorgeous beadwoven jewelry. Carol Dean and I believe we're cosmic sisters. You just wouldn't believe the number of things we have in common. One thing we have in common is the Bead Art Originals Etsy street team. If you haven't checked out Carol Dean's work or the work of the other members of the BAO team, you're really missing out!

MAKUstudio - Mak is another member of Bead Art Originals, and her shop's filled with raku pendants and jewelry that's jaw-droppingly beautiful.

beadsandblooms - Debra is a relatively new member of Etsy BeadWeavers, but she's obviously been beadweaving for awhile if her shop is any indication. I love the stone and fossil pendants she creates!

SmadarsTreasure - If you're looking for unique designs and beautiful beadweaving, check out Smadar's shop! You just won't believe your eyes. The cuff that's featured in the slideshow is one of her newest creations, and it's just gorgeous! Smadar's a fellow member of both Etsy BeadWeavers and Bead Art Originals.

homespunheartprim - I'd never come across this shop, but when I visited it I found all sorts of handcrafted, handsculpted wax figures. They're so neat! The shop also has some fun patterns, and I really liked the one I found for these birds.

AnotherCountry - Morwyn is another member of Bead Art Originals, and I love the artistry in her creations. Sometimes when I'm choosing a favorite piece from a shop to feature here I try to choose something new, but I've been in love with the Ancient Walls bracelet Morwyn has in her shop ever since I first saw it.

DanaSaylorDesigns - It was easy for me to choose a favorite from this shop, as soon as I saw those amethyst colored Swarovski crystal earrings! I love love love purple! The earring listing is for a custom order, so you can choose the ones you like best.

SuzisCornerBoutique - Another shop I'd never encountered, this one is filled with all sorts of fun and colorful vintage things. Aren't those salt and pepper shakers fun?

Tresijas - Although Kelly's a fellow Etsy BeadWeaver, I just couldn't resist choosing something non-beadwoven from her shop. As soon as I saw the Booga Booga Doll, I just cracked up! Kelly also makes funky, original jewelry from old LPs! (And for those of you who are too young to remember anything pre-MP3, we used to listen to music that was recorded on big round plastic disks. Can you imagine?!)

adorationsoap - I'm constantly amazed at the creativity of the people who make soap! All the colors, scents, shapes, and textures are overwhelming. This shop has some really yummy sounding ones, but I thought the sea salt one looked intriguing. I might have to stop back by for a visit...

juiceglass - The newest member of Bead Art Originals, Carli's shop has some beautiful glass and silver jewelry. I'm becoming such a fan of lampwork and glass that I'll definitely be keeping an eye on her shop for more listings!

Even though I don't post all the treasuries here, I do post them in my flickr photostream. Please check out the slideshow to see the favorite items I chose from each of the shops mentioned above.


Carol Dean said...

I'm always happy to feature your work, Sister Mine! :)

Tresijas said...

The problem with Etsy is that I don't have all of my friends close to me. So, here's a big virtual hug for one of my first etsy pals. It's the best I can do :D

Enchanted Beads said...

Your work is so beautiful and so diverse, I am tempted all the time to feature it in my Treasuries. Thank you for your kind words and for featuring me here. This entry is great! I love your Blog, it is very professionally done!

Homespun Heart Primitives said...

Oh my, you are so welcome and thank you too! I have to say Etsy has expanded my horizons and I have found many wonderful artisans I would have never discovered otherwise.

Smadar's Treasure said...

MaryLou, your work is so beautiful (and well photographed) so it can be easily included in the treasuries. Thank you for your kind words!


MAKUstudio said...

Thanks so much MaryLou! It's so easy to feature your gorgeous seed bead designs in treasuries!!! Thanks for the write up!