Friday, August 08, 2008

Friday again. Boy, do these Fridays come around fast! Were there seven days since last Friday? I think I might have missed one or two.

Oh well. It's a pretty neat day for anyone who's into numbers. While I'm not a complete fanatic, I do pay attention to them. I watch the odometer in the vehicle and have tiny (silent) celebrations when there's a "special" number. Our main vehicle has almost 60,000 miles on it, so there was one of those little celebrations at 55,555 miles. One kind of funny number thing is my online moniker - time2cre8. I like mixing letters and numbers to make words and statements like that, and as I puzzled over what to call my Etsy shop, my blog, etc., I thought time2cre8 would be fitting. I was just getting ready to leave corporate life and figured I'd have... time to create. (Little did I know that, despite having 24 hours a day to do whatever I want, there's still never enough time.) Anyway, it wasn't until later than I realized the numbers in my moniker are significant. 28. My birthday is on the 28th. :-)

So the neatness of today is that it's 08/08/08. I even saw someone else's blog post done at 08:08:08. Neat, huh?

I thought I'd send some thanks out again to the nice Etsy people who featured my work in their Treasuries this past week. I think I got them all, but I might have missed some along the way. It was a busy week. I made another little slideshow to feature one of my favorite pieces from each of the shops. Please stop by their shops, though, because you'll see LOTS more eye candy!
BubbleShare: Share photos - Find great Clip Art Images.

Here are the links to these wonderful shops. A special thanks to my fellow Etsy BeadWeavers, Ileana and Marilyn; and another special thanks to my fellow Bead Art Originals members, Carol Dean and Mak. You guys are great! :-)


Before I sign off, I have to show you the three newest listings in my Etsy shop. And I still have pieces that are finished and waiting to be photographed!

Moon River (my husband picked the name)
Mamaw's Patchwork Quilt
(an homage to my grandmother, who never made a dull quilt in her life!)
Peyote Crazy - because I'm crazy about making these peyote triangles!

That's it for tonight! GO USA!!! I'm gonna be camped out watching the Olympics for the next few days, whenever I get the chance. The opening ceremonies were INCREDIBLE!!!


Melody said...

I love the new stuff! Moon River is especially lovely. But the other two are lots of fun!

Carol Dean said...

Thanks for including me in your slideshow :D

MAKUstudio said...

Thanks for the thanks!!! Love the slide show! Very cool! And, of course your new work is superb!

Anna said...

Moon River is beautiful ML! So are your other new pieces, but I am partial to blue! :)

triz said...

i love your use of colour... and your work is filled with happy colour... love both bracelet but moon river is just gorgeous!!!!!!


Everytime I stop by I am amazed at the beautiful things you create!

Three Fates said...

Love the new work. It's beautiful. I love Moon River, the colors and the pattern are amazing. As always, amazing work. :D

June from Video Scrapbook Tutorials said...

These triangles are so fun! Beautiful, creative work

ClinkscalesArts said...

I love your new bracelets! I'm partial to the patchwork, I think it is just precious!