Sunday, August 03, 2008

Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon. Yes, it's the name of a song by Queen. It's also the name of the Treasury I curated today. I just happened to be on Etsy when they reset the server used for their treasuries, and one popped right up for me. For some reason the Queen song was running through my head (I love Freddy Mercury's voice), and I started out thinking I'd fill the spots with things related to Queen.

I wound up filling the spots with the creations by my fellow Bead Art Originals members. It's not hard to find beauty among their creations. It's just hard to decide WHICH beautiful thing(s) to include!! There are more than 500 listings now by members of our new Etsy team. This is kind of a "cheater" view. I used the Etsy Poster Sketch Tool to make this image, so you can see the pieces I've included as alternates. Click the picture to be taken to the treasury, which will be live until Wednesday.

I wasn't really lazing this afternoon. All in all, it was pretty busy. I did a little beadweaving, but not very much. For a couple of hours I was outside helping my husband tend to the fire he started in the corner of our property. We had accumulated quite a lot of weeds and brush that needed to be burned, and today was calm enough and cool enough to accommodate. Unfortunately, the pile was larger than it probably should have been, and since it had a lot of evergreen branches in it the flames were uncomfortably high. We now have some walnut trees that have a few branches of dried-out leaves on them. It was all contained, though, and it's mostly burned down now. Just a few stubborn stumps left to smoulder.

I listed a few new pieces on Etsy this afternoon, also. It was a good day for picture taking, so I grabbed the oppportunity to catch up on some photography. It's been so hot and humid here for the past week that I've had some false starts. You know it's hot and humid when you walk outside with the camera and the lens fogs up immediately. It's tough to take a picture with a foggy lens!

These are the new pieces I listed today. Obviously, I've become enamored of these little triangles. Now I want to make them to go with everything! I made one for myself and wore it yesterday, and it was so comfortable I kept forgetting I had it around my neck. I was visiting Long Grove with some friends of mine, and several people commented on my necklace. :-)


Melody said...

I'm thrilled to be in your treasury, ML. I do want to complain about the Queen earworm you gave me, though. Freddie Mercury has been with me all day. And yes, there are worse people to spend a Sunday with. ;-)

Love the new stuff, too!

Reese said...

Nice treasury. I've never done one. My computer is on dialup at home and for some reason, I can't create a treasury. Maybe someday modern technology will come to my neck of the woods!

Beaderjojo said...

Wow you really HAVE been a busy beader. I love your evolutionary triangle pendant. Very hip. =)
Those little triangles are quite addicting, aren't they!?