Friday, November 16, 2007

Etsy Friday's here again, and once again I'm showcasing my favorite items from the shops of the Etsy sellers who made purchases from me during the past week.

Sabrina (aka hippyofdoom) takes shoes that are already fabulous and makes them even more fabulous by decorating them. She doesn't just add a sparkle or something... she adds personality! Check out these Soot Sprite Red Shoes - aren't they great!?!

Arianne (aka HiAnnie) is a repeat customer. I created some custom tags for her shop, and she liked them so much that she came back for more. They really are great tags, made with Arianne's logo, and I'm so happy she liked them! Anyway, Arianne creates absolutely wonderful clothing and accessories - everything from skirts to jewelry to bags and purses, and everything with a great sense of style. This bag, called Childhood is Calling, is one of my favorites. How could you not love those colors!?!
Rachel (aka Arnicae) is another repeat customer, visiting me for a second batch of Captioned Critters mini notecards. Rachel's an artist in her own right, with some great mixed media (pen, ink, watercolor) artwork in her Etsy shop. Check out these pumpkins! Her prices for her original art are unbelievably low, so grab some and give them as gifts!

Angie (aka bonezmama) obviously has a sense of humor and an imagination! Who'd have thought of creating Snow Ninjas?!?! These guys are great. Just be careful where you put them, as you don't want them to beat up the other ornaments on your tree. Now that I think of it, maybe these guys should just have a shelf all their own...

When an artist buys a piece of my artwork, I'm always thrilled. Robin (aka smArtee) has such wonderful artwork in her shop that I was proud that she chose to add my little I'm Batman ACEO to her collection. Robin's colors are sharp and vibrant, she has phenomenal prices on originals and prints, and she even embellishes her prints to add value to them! Check out this funky vase and flowers print.

Brenda (aka beezer) creates fun things (bracelets, bags, and all sorts of goodies) using vintage fabrics and components. She has some wonderfully funky bracelets and cuffs in her shop, but I really like this market tote because it's so colorful and because of the little girls on the fabric - how cute!

This must have been my week for repeat customers, because Alyson (aka TheYoYo) has also visited my shop in the past. Once again, it's nice to know that people like the things I create enough to come back for more! Alyson's shop is full of beautiful handspun and hand-dyed yarn. This Sea Foam handspun art yarn looks good enough to eat!

Dianna (aka bagsnstuff) is a crafter after my own heart. She makes all sorts of things and obviously has a passion for creating. She's obviously a talented crocheter, and amongst all her other creations, I came across something I'd never seen before. Check out this candle drape! Lots of people buy this giant 6" diameter candles, and they do look kind of blah when they're not lit. This takes care of any blah-ness, don't you think?

Amanda (aka amandafenniak) is another great crocheter, and although she has a shop that's brimming with iPod cozies and other crocheted items, I had no trouble at all choosing a favorite! When I was a kid, I used to wear my grandfather's hunting cap -- it was camo green and had earflaps just like this sage green hat in Amanda's shop. It's oh-so-much nicer than that old cap I wore, and I'm sure it's warm and toasty to boot!

Cindy (aka photogoddess) chose a shop name that's indicative of her talent. In a day when digital photography and manipulation seem to be taking over, Cindy creates photos that are works of art; and she uses 35mm film! I love the vintage feel of this one, entitled Enchantment of Venus. She's only been listing her work on Etsy for a few days, so be sure to check her out!

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