Sunday, November 04, 2007

I don't like to cook. I'd much rather spend my time drawing, beading, reading, messing around on the computer... pretty much anything but cooking. I know how to cook. In fact, I've been known to make fabulous baby back ribs, fried chicken, chili, spaghetti, and a few other things. I just don't want to.

Hence, my husband sometimes goes into the kitchen to fend for himself. I should mention here also that I don't typically eat three meals a day. That's just too much food for me, and if I eat that many meals I feel sluggish. Yes, I know I have weird metabolism.

Today was one of those days when I had absolutely no intention of making anything for lunch. I'd already had my two lattes this morning, accompanied by some banana nut bread that I made yesterday. And before you go thinking that I broke my own 'no cooking' rule by making banana nut bread, I must tell you that it was made only because the bananas were getting brown and yucky, and my husband won't eat brown and yucky bananas. Rather than throw them away, I whipped up a batch of bread.


I wasn't planning to make lunch. But my husband was hungry, so he went into the kitchen to make himself a sandwich. He thinks I should eat something nourishing every once in awhile, so he decided that he'd give me some of his sandwich. Isn't that nice? And then he decided that I needed some other things to accompany my portion of sandwich. Perhaps a pickle. Some pickled beets. A bit of salad. Some potato chips. Maybe some potato salad.

And so was born... my lunch. What a hoot!

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Apol, La Pomme said...

This made me smile! Your husband's sweet.