Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and I almost forgot that today is Friday! I've fully recovered from my turkey coma, even though I just had some leftover cold turkey with mayo a little while ago. Yesterday's dinner was just a simple affair at home, but we had all the requisite foods -- turkey with stuffing and gravy, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, cranberry sauce, and apple pie ala mode for dessert. We sat around like blobs after that!

So anyway, today's Etsy Friday post is once again to thank the Etsy peeps who have purchased from me in the past week. My Alice in Wonderland holiday tags, cards, and stickers were popular this week for some reason; and I have to say I think they're pretty cute. The Quoth the Raven, Ho Ho Ho cards are also going to be flying all over the place this holiday season. I have such a great time creating all these things, and I'm really happy that other people like them so much.

And now for the thanks to the Etsy shop owners who purchased from me this week!

First was Ramona (aka ramonawest), who has a shop that's filled to the brim with vintage clothing and shoes. Sadly, some of the pieces she lists are things that were popular when I was young, but they're making a new appearance in today's fashions. This black velvet swing coat is a gorgeous piece that's ageless!

Sarah (aka alosha) has a whole new stash of ACEO blanks, and she'll obviously put them to good use! She has beautiful artwork in her shop, along with lots of lovely hair adornments. While I like the hair barrettes (even though I have short hair and can't wear any of it), I was drawn to this striking piece of artwork entitled Iron Beauty.

Jan (aka janhilderbrandt) is another talented artist. She paints all kinds of subjects, and she has this beautiful set of 12 sunflower cards so you can share her art with your friends and relatives.

Amy (aka societysedso) creates whimsical and sometimes frightening little creatures from polymer clay. These aren't your everyday clay creations, as she incorporates metal eye hooks into them so they can move. I've always liked red and black together, so this SWAKtopus is my favorite.
Jessica (aka Beadymonkey) has a wonderful assortment of handmade jewelry in her shop. There are so many beautiful pieces in there it was difficult for me to choose a favorite, but once again color helped make the decision. I love amethyst, so this vineyard necklace jumped off the page when I saw it. If you're looking for a gift for someone special this holiday season, you're sure to find something here!

CM (aka sinthesis) has only had her Etsy shop for a few weeks now, but she's sure to become a popular jewelry seller with her metal pieces. They're abstract, unique, and such fun! Just check out this Cosmic Lightning pendant. The color's striking in itself, and the design is so cool.

Kim (aka calamitykim) has sold lots of her whimsical creations, but there's this cute Barnabas Bartholomew Bear pincushion just waiting to be grabbed for a special gift. He's a mixed media piece that would make a neat decoration even if you don't want to stick pins in him.

Jennifer (aka PineBlossoms) creates all sorts of fun things using vintage fabrics. It's so nice to see these beautiful fabrics being upcycled into pillows, bags, and other items that will let them live for decades more. And while all those pillows and bags are such fun, I think this silly chair pincushion is my favorite. What a hoot.

Misty (aka GemmaBeads) shares my drafting/design background, but now she's ventured off into the world of handmade lampwork beads and jewelry items. Yet again I'm drawn to the piece in her shop that features purple. I guess I have a one-color mind, but I just love this Ripe Rainbow Fluorite Bracelet which features a lampwork bead with dazzling colors. The lampwork was made by Debbie, of Glass Houses, but Misty's given it the royal treatment in this bracelet.

Jennifer (aka jenncolestudios) is VERY new to Etsy, having opened shop a mere ten days ago. She only has a few pieces listed in her shop so far, but they are all wonderful! The rings Jenn has listed are different than others I've seen, and they're beautifully photographed. This blue glass ring is soooooo pretty!


Amy said...

Thank you so much for featuring my work, I am honored that you would mention me.


kimsherrod said...

Thank you for posting a link to my etsy shop as well! What a hoot! I love your work and can't wait to get my cards! Happy Holidays to you and yours! :) kim

sin.thesis said...

what a great thank you! i'm honored as well.

janhilderbrandt said...

Thank you so much for sending my order so promptly and featuring one of my items. I really appreciate the kindness.


Felicia said...

So many beautiful treasures in this post! Love that Octopus :)