Friday, November 30, 2007

There are still a couple of hours left, so technically it's still Etsy Friday even though it's much later in the day than I planned to write this. It's just been a busy day! There was banana bread baking to be done in the morning (after all, I couldn't just leave my husband to sit here and starve), then off to lunch at Olive Garden with some friends, then grocery shopping, and finally back home to work on Etsy orders.

This week my Quoth the Raven and my Alice in Wonderland creations were all really popular, so I've been kept hopping with orders. I'm so happy that people like them! I have a load of fun making all these things, and I have a bazillion ideas floating around in my head (and committed to my notebook) of more that I want to do.

Anyway... Enough of that! On with Etsy Friday!!! While I did have quite a number of customers this week, there were only a few other Etsy sellers amongst them. So here's a little extra thanks to them.

Kari (aka artsymama) makes these adorable little pixies, but she only has a few of them left! These look like the old timey ornaments that used to adorn Christmas trees, and this one in particular, with her beehive hairdo, looks like she just stepped out of the 60s. How cute!

Colleen (aka cocomo) is a repeat customer, and I'm extra happy when someone comes back to my shop for more! Coco has a shop that's filled to the brim with mosaic supplies, all kinds of dinnerware, tiles, and other things for mosaic artists out there. The absolute neato-coolest thing in her shop is a mosaic guitar, but I really love this little gecko. Don't you know someone who'd love to receive this for Christmas? Hmmm?

Carolyn (aka eccentrictulip) has a shop filled with the most colorful, hilarious, fun, fuzzy, fleecy characters you've ever seen! Just looking at her banner and avatar is fun. It's soooo hard to choose a favorite from amongst these little creatures, but this one named Hmm is unbelievably cute and obviously mechanically inclined!

Looking for some art! Check out Joan's (aka sixsisters) cards, paintings, collages, and ACEOs. While most of her work is immersed in color, my favorite piece is this pen and ink drawing of a Chilean beach. I just love black and white!

Sweet Babu, or Abbie (aka ophelia710) obviously loves babies, and her hat creations make me smile. And when you see a baby sporting a Melody Hat, how could you not just grin from ear to ear?!?!

Rebecca (aka AdobeSol) is a jewelry maker who somehow manages to create beautiful jewelry while taking care of a whole menagerie of pets! Ya gotta love someone who's giving homes to 40 critters! And that's not even counting her immediate family. Once again, it was a real challenge for me to choose a favorite, but these Classy Bling earrings are beautiful.

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