Friday, November 09, 2007

Etsy Friday sure comes around fast! I can't believe another week's gone by already. Once again, I'm showcasing my favorite items from the shops of the wonderful Etsy peeps who purchased from me last week. It's just a little bit of extra thanks!

Loraine (aka trawlfortreasures) is new to Etsy, but she's already listed this wonderful baby cake, made from onesies, washcloths, and blankets. This would be a hit at any baby shower!

Adrienne (aka Rawshuga) makes the most adorable primitive dolls! I love this Loretta and Hazel pair because of Loretta's purple hair, but all the dolls are fun and whimsical and obviously have a lot of time and effort put into them. I can't beleve Adrienne lets these little beauties go for only $39!

Vanessa (aka AFancifulTwist) obviously has a vivid imagination. She has a shop filled with prints of her unique artwork, and it was tough to choose a favorite. When I came across Reclaiming My Life, though, it just called out to me... I have a LOT of stuff, way more than would fit in that little bag, but it would be nice to be able to capture it all so easily.

Sarah (aka sweetsparrow) has lots of headbands and hair accessories in her shop, but I have short hair and couldn't even begin to choose one of those! Instead, I picked this Drama Queen Tissue Wrap -- who doesn't need a cool carrier for those tissues we all carry around with us?!

Kelley (aka pendredkeller28) has absolutely gorgeous jewelry, and her photography showcases it wonderfully. In addition to having my favorite number in her shop name (my birthday's on the 28th, and I have a 2 and an 8 in my own shop name), she has a lot of pieces that feature my all-time favorite stone -- amethyst. This amethyst necklace is gorgeous, and she even has matching earrings in her shop!

Marie (aka ItsaLulu) creates one-of-a-kind clothing for little girls, and even though I don't have any children it was fun to choose a favorite from this shop. And of course I had to choose something purple... if only these lavendar corduroy pants came in adult sizes...

Wendy (aka studiogems) creates beautiful jewelry using precious metals and stones. I have to admit that I don't wear very much jewelry, but these pearl and sterling silver earrings would be wonderful for a special occasion.

Brigette (aka weirdbuglady) apparently named her shop in honor of her subject of study - entomology. Now that's someone who really likes bugs! Not only does she have some neat original artwork in her shop, but she has Pocket Monsters! Who couldn't love a pocket monster, especially when it comes in the form of a Purple Pocket Monster Purse?!

Erin (aka cremetangerine) upcycles vintage clothing into unique fashion. It's always nice to find someone who appreciates vintage clothing and who can turn it into something stylish. This Candystriper Tunic Top looks soooo comfortable.

Lorelei (aka lorelei1141) is another jewelry maker, but her pieces are very different than the other sellers featured here. Lorelei makes pieces that are earthy and fun, and she incorporates vintage components into her jewelry so it has a unique look and feel. Check out this wonderful dragonfly pendant, highlighted with all kinds of stones and a vintagey brass chain!


Corker said...

Too cool! Thanks for adding me to your list! :)

:-) MaryLou said...

You're very welcome!

Lorelei said...

Nice choice! Thank you for featuring me on your blog!

A Fanciful Twist said...

Oh How fun!!! Thank you!! Your shop is a delightment!! ;) I know, I would need like 2.5 million of those little sacks for all my stuff.. hahahaa