Saturday, November 03, 2007

Sometimes I receive a request for a special order, and sometimes the special order turns out to be something so cool that I'm amazed with the results.

I received a convo from Shanna Trim, asking if I could create some Mouthy Moose cards without the envelopes. That's an easy request, so I quoted her a price. As our conversations continued, I offered her the option of having something printed in the Mouthy Moose's caption bubble and another something printed on the inside of the folded mini cards.

And just look at the result! Aren't these cool!?!? They're printed on gorgeous heavyweight linen textured cardstock, and she's going to include them as Thank You cards to her customers. Shanna makes cloth diapers and has them stocked all over the place. If you're in the market for nice, soft, cloth, good-for-the-environment baby diapers, you can find them here.

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