Friday, November 02, 2007

It's Etsy Friday again, and I have more wonderful customers to showcase!

One of my favorite beadwoven pieces, Fractured Orchid, was purchased by Betsy (aka ZestyB). Betsy's a wonderful jewelry artist in her own right, and I found this gorgeous necklace in her shop. It blends sterling silver and amethyst, which are two of my all-time favorite materials. I love purple anyway, and amethyst is my birthstone, so this one just calls out to me.

Tia (aka HeyLady) purchased a gift for her husband. I hope he likes it! I'm a big fan of the movie Willow, so I thought these cards in Tia's shop were just adorable. I also love that everything in HeyLady's shop is made from recycled photos and paper goods. It's nice to see these pieces receive new life.

Sheryl (aka jecl5) says she's been crocheting for over 30 years, and it's obvious from the variety of pieces in her shop that she enjoys it. Check out this adorable little purse, cradle, and doll set! Oh, to be a kid again... even though I didn't play with dolls very much (such a tomboy), I might have made an exception for this tiny set.

Karen Beth (aka Recy) has purchased from me before, so I was really happy when she came back and requested a special set of Christmas cat stickers. She manages to find all sorts of cool vintage items for her shop. I'm just sure some daring fashionista out there is looking for one of these coin belts!

Stephanie (aka beetlelady) has been amongst my hearted shops on Etsy for awhile now because of her handmade journals. She uses all sorts of things to create the covers -- maps, encyclopedia pages, posters, and other items, but I really like this Aquatic Life Journal made with a poster that came from Thailand.

Jean (aka FettaJeannie) just added some wooly ACEOs to her shop. I've created lots of ACEOs, little 2.5" x 3.5" bits of art, but I've never attempted any made from fiber. This floral fiber art is really pretty, and she has a whole garden of them! They're a bargain, too, at only $10 each.
Linda (aka MosaicSmith) is obviously a talented mosaic artist. I have to say that I've seen some mosaics that just look like someone randomly assembled them from broken bits of glass, but Linda's pieces are beautiful. This black crowned crane obviously has lots of time and energy invested in it, and the result is awesome. Linda's profile says she'll even do custom pieces!
Mary (aka Bearchick) is like me, in that she makes all sorts of different things. It's nice to run across someone who loves creating just as much as I do. She has lots of different treats in her shop, but this blue sequin bracelet just jumps off the page.

Cassie (aka cocokelley) is another Etsyian who finds cool vintage pieces and offers them up in her shop. This Irish linen probably won't last long in there, priced at only $12!

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