Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fairly Ugly Fairy. She's a strange-looking little creature, but I actually find her somewhat endearing. My Mom used to draw characters that looked kind of like this, with big noses and strange features. Maybe that's where this one came from... When I listed her on eBay, it just seemed appropriate that she should have a poem, so here it is:

A fairly ugly fairy
flying through the sky.
A fairly ugly fairy
flying way up high.
With a nose so long
and feet so big
and such a goofy face,
this fairly ugly fairy
flies all over the place.
She doesn't mind that you don't like
the way she may appear.
She's a happy little fairy
and has been for many a year.
'Cuz looks don't really matter.
Instead it's what's inside.
This fairly ugly fairy
wears her looks with pride!
She loves everyone around her
no matter how they appear.
Her heart is filled with love for all.
She's really quite a dear.

1 comment:

Jenn said...

MaryLou--this is just too darn cute!! I love it! :)