Thursday, September 28, 2006

Mackenzie Loves You. In honor of pinkparismatch, one of my favorite eBay friends, this little blonde cutie has lost a couple of her front teeth and she's learning sign language. The Mackenzie on the card is the cousin of Dooley and Dolly, the redheaded twins from North Carolina. They're her favorite cousins, and she's theirs. :-) If you're on eBay (or even if you're not), go check out the cool artwork by pink! She's got a great, quirky sense of humor; and it spills out into her artwork.

It's been a busy week! Knitting, making paper beads, making gift tags, bead crochet... I just keep moving from one project to another. I still have about a million ideas that haven't been tackled yet, but they're all written down in my little notebook until I get the time to work on them. Now I have to photograph a bunch of finished projects and get them listed on Etsy -- hopefully before the listing price increase.

Reading... a book by Jasper Fforde, sent to me by Emily, was great fun -- The Eyre Affair. There's one more Fforde book, but I just couldn't resist beginning the new Karin Slaughter novel.

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