Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I'm Batman! (Dooley's Halloween Costume)

Dooley's been so excited about Halloween, and he's known since July exactly what costume he was going to wear. Batman is Dooley's favorite cartoon character, and he spends a lot of time running around with a towel around his neck, pretending it's a cape. Dooley's Mom knows that he loves Batman, so when the Halloween costumes went on sale last year, she decided to pick one up for him. She was trying to keep it a secret, but when his twin sister, Dolly, began to ponder all the different costumes she could wear, their Mom decided it was best if she let Dooley know about the Batman costume. You should have seen Dooley's little eyes light up!

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Garden Painter Art said...

Hey MaryLou: I love all of your Dooley art. I have fond memories of the Mitford books, but this Dooley belongs to you!! I especially love this Batman piece. My two sons, who are now 17 and 18 absolutely loved Batman when they were younger. Looking at Dooley as Batman reminds me so much of my sons. Keep up the good work, my friend.