Saturday, September 09, 2006

Hey there!!! I'd like you to meet some of my friends and fellow artists. I've added links to their blogs, so you can check out their work.

These are fellow members of one of the eBay groups to which I belong: RESPECT - Artists Who Love Art

  • Mouser-kins (Jenna's cuties) has some of the cutest little mice and bunnies you've ever seen.
  • Barry's Art has some wonderful florals, birds, and landscapes.
  • GardenPainter (Kim) does some beautifully colorful ACEO collages and some great, whimsical little art dolls.

Check 'em out!


Barry said...

Mary Lou great art as always. Such talent here in cyber space. Who'd a thunk it. I added your link to my blog. Check it out at

Jenn said...

MaryLou, thanks for linking to me! I put your link up today (now that I figured out HOW!!, lol)