Friday, September 08, 2006

I was just in the mood to draw faces, and out came these two weird things. No pre-planning on my part on either the composition or the colors. And that lack of pre-planning contributes to the fact that the Geometric Face looks like it's sitting in the middle of a construction zone. The other face is a bit more serene and peaceful.

Neither is a self portrait. :-)

They're on eBay:

You can't see me now, but I'm doing the dance of joy (remember Bronson Pinchot from that TV show called Perfect Strangers?). The motorcycle purchased in 2000 will be going onto eBay, looking for a new home, on Sunday night. Sunday Sunday Sunday!!!!! All the photos have been taken, the listing content has been written up, the owner and sometimes rider of the motorcycle has approved the layout of the listing, and he's requested that the listing be placed on Sunday (presumably to optimize bidding from people who are home and browsing on eBay on a Sunday night) and run for 7 days. HOORAY!!!!!!!

I've decided that there will be more hats in the near future. Having gone through my stash of fleece, I find that there are quite a few pieces that just aren't large enough to make anything else -- unless, of course, I chose to assemble them into a quilt -- so they're destined to become hats. Since I have no actual hat pattern, I have to figure it out all by myself. I think my head's a normal size. :-)


Jenn said...

hey you Mary Lou!!! LOL Wanted you to know that I WAS HERE, ;)
Cute blog! Will be checking back often!!!

MaryLou :-) said...

Hey, Jenna!!! Hooray!!! Now I can actually link to someone else's blog and I won't be so lonely. :-)